Who we are

A small, independent publisher

Athena Star Press was founded in 2002 by Marina Michaels. Our values are peace, love, and happiness for everyone, individually and collectively. We believe that everyone, no matter what state they are in, contain within themselves the seeds of perfection and the ability to evolve. All our books, both in print and under development, address those values and beliefs.

About the publisher

A photo of Marina Michaels

Marina Michaels

Marina has three university degrees: from Santa Clara University, a Bachelor of Science in Sociology with an emphasis in Anthropology; from San Jose State University, a Master's degree in Library Science; and from the University of Arizona, a Master of Arts in Anthropology. A lifelong learner, she continues to educate herself formally and informally. Her education and experience as a writer, editor, and desktop publishing specialist has given her the knowledge and skills required to do it all as an independent publisher.


Why buy our books?

They are positive

We all have negativity coming at us every day from many different directions. But there is much that is fine and good about the world. In paying attention to the good, and learning to think differently about the bad, you can improve your life.

They are true

We only print what we believe to be the clearest and most truthful works. If nonfiction, the work teaches solid truths that you can live by. If fiction, then within the story world, as with all good fiction, the work has underlying truths about human nature and our ability to rise above life's events.

They are practical

You won't have to make huge, dramatic life changes all at once. Every work of nonfiction teaches you how to improve your life in practical, doable, step-by-step ways. All books approach you where you are at with acceptance and compassion, and invite you to take steps to become more truly yourself.

They are clearly written

Despite the depth of knowledge and wisdom in each book, each book is clearly written and easy to read.

They are readable

Each volume is designed with all ages in mind. The designs are modern and the typefaces clear.

They are affordable

You won't break your bank buying our books, which we make available in print and eBook formats.